Selected Quotes

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"When we'd waited in the suffocating darkness about 48 hours, we broke out, figuring we had nothing to lose. We got to the Spec shaft and found air. They didn't think anyone was still alive down there but someone signaled the engineer. He couldn't believe he heard a signal, but it was us and he sent help."

- Josiah James, interviewed by The Montana Standard

"There was a lot of us on the 2000 foot level and about 12:30 the nipper told there was a fire in the shaft and that we had better get out...

"Two old miners who knew where this drift was led the way for us and we started for the Badger. I don't know how far it is, probably 25 or 30 minutes in making the trip but it was a long way for us. The wind blew out our candles and we stumbled along in the dark until someone managed to light a carbide lamp and then we made better progress."

- Miner Dave Belmont, who escaped with Mitchell's party through the Badger Mine

"He was the finest looking man who ever walked the earth. I was crazy about him from the time I was 11 years old. I have nothing to say until I see either his dead body or his living one. I think he is still alive: anyway I won't give up hope."

- Madge Duggan, wife of Manus Duggan

"I must not give up hope; Ben know the mines so well he could not get lost. He was rocking 400 feet below the fire level and he is too capable a miner to get caught."

- Wife of dead Shift Boss Ben Tregonning

"Papa's at the hospital. A man came and said papa was not dead in the mine, but he's at the hospital."

- Oldest child of miner Stanley Lazykeics, father of five rescued with Moore party

"I am single. Chris was married. I'd rather have died if he could have lived."

- Louie Muller of his dead partner

"Desolated homes, stricken townsmen, the bitter sacrifice of robust manhood, the unavailing tears, the shattering of hopes and the rude sundering of tender ties – these things fill the mind of this community."

- Butte Daily Post, June 9, 1917